Trick or Treat Raffle and Scream Reads Freebies


My local writing group is hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway to celebrate the release of our first-ever anthology. There are a dozen creepy tales to send a chilly tingle down your spine.

There’s a line toward the end of “Even” by Agnes Jayne that causes me to shudder and I can’t stop thinking about the shock at reading the big reveal at the end of M.T. Decker‘s cross-genre story that is as sci-fi as it is horror.

Not all of the stories are terrifying, though. There’s a lighthearted zombie tale by Anthony Marchese that caused me to chuckle out loud. Joyce Hampton Matthews and Zack Clopton write things so poignant, that they’re just plain hauntingly beautiful.

My own twisted pieces, “Gloria Gossip” and “Family Is a Pain in the Ass”, are inspired by classic television series like the Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

This was not only an exercise in writing but also a wonderful bonding experience. Seven out of nine members contributed via writing or editing services, and I also designed the book cover. If you can’t wait to find out who wins the giveaway, you can pick up a copy of LAST WRITES for 99 cents.


If that’s not enough to scare the pants off you this Halloween, I’m participating in another event called SCREAM READS with ten other authors from a wide range of genres.

The creepy tale I chose to share is “The Funeral Home Is No Place for a Child”, which tells about a little boy who attends a funeral. Ignored by adults, he’s left to entertain himself while waiting for his babysitter to arrive.

Ignored by adults at a funeral, a young boy is left to entertain himself while waiting for his babysitter to arrive

If you like these stories, please check out the authors’ social media pages and, if you buy their work and like it, please leave them a review. Your review is word-of-mouth advertising for the digital age, and we appreciate them more than words can say.

Happy Halloween!



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