Alexa, play “Broken Wings”…

black amazon echo on table
Photo by Fabian Hurnaus on

Black Friday and Cyber Monday passed by without any fanfare over the past half-decade. This year was different. This year, my kid got himself an Alexa and kept telling me how awesome it was.

So it was only right that I took advantage of the nearly 50% savings to get myself an Echo Dot. I can’t have my kid outshining me in technological toys. It just wouldn’t be right! Although to be fair, he has the full-sized echo, like the one pictured above.

I tried to talk myself out of it. In the end, it was a comment my husband made that won me over. He reminded me that I work hard and buy plenty of nice things for him and our sons. Why shouldn’t I get something for myself, for a change?

Before you knew it, I was saying, “Alexa, play Broken Wings” just like on the TV commercial! That’s not all Alexa can do, however.

Our family recently invested in some smart features, like an alarm system that tells me every time someone opens a door or window. Knowing that Alexa can help with future smart features, like thermostat control and lights, is pretty exciting!

Although December seems to have started on a high note, shadows loom in the distance. Be sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter to hear more about the memories I wrestle with each year during this month. The next one goes out tomorrow, and you don’t want to miss it.

P.S. I’ll also tell you how to tell how heavy a chili pepper is. 🌶️


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