My Birthday Week

Some people reach a certain age and dread their birthdays. Not me! Depending on which day it falls, I like to extend it into a weekend, a week, or sometimes the entire month.

My birthday is March 10th and this past week has had its ups and downs. I’d like to take a second to update you on the fate of my latest novella and a big announcement regarding my day-to-day life.

This evening I opened my novel writing software to see that a huge portion of LOVE’S SERENADE was gone. Poof. Just not there at all. (Including everything I stayed up until 3am adding to the document!) After a moment of panic, I took a deep breath and weighed my options.

On one hand, I could neglect everything in my life and power through, rewriting everything from memory. The result would be a crap draft that I’d upload for the big launch, only to be replaced with a more polished version later.

On the other hand, I could drop from the multi-author launch, put in the time this book deserves, and deliver a polished product–several weeks from now. I may disappoint some fans, but wouldn’t it be a bigger disappointment for them to receive less than my best work?

So the novella will get out there but it won’t be next week. I’m giving myself the gift of not stressing out about this.

Image may contain: car, sky and outdoor

In happier news, I have a car payment for the first time ever! This is one of the most grown-up things I’ve ever done, aside from buying a house and raising two kids into adulthood. After we test drove it, my husband remarked, “It fits you like a glove!” And he’s so right! I’m elated to have transportation that is both reliable and has a few plush perks, like XM radio, brighter headlights, and a more comfortable seatbelt.

I’m feeling beyond blessed. All in all, this has been a fabulous birthday week and my actual birthday won’t be here until the weekend.


Image may contain: foodThis Saturday in my Facebook group, Books and Coffee with Becky Muth, I’m throwing myself a birthday party! We’ll have games, contests, and prizes!

Oh, and everyone who drops by will get a chance to get a free gift. So be sure to join the group and check in on Saturday because who doesn’t love a good party?

P.S. Aren’t these cupcakes adorable? You can grab the recipe right here on the Baked Bree blog…



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